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Best Places to Eat in Delhi

Then This Is Where You Need to Go in 2024!
Best Places to Eat in Delhi: If You’re a Foodie, Then This Is Where You Need to Go in 2024!

Places To Eat In Delhi

Want to try some lip-smacking desserts and finger-licking snacks? How about kachoris, kheer, meat gravy, nihari, or Aloo Tikki? If your mouth has already started to water, then try some of the best places to eat in Delhi, which will be summarized below. Explore the best places to eat in Delhi with this little guide. We hope the recommendations help you find your favourite spot.

  • North Campus: Try Diverse And Delicious Food
  • Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar: Amazing Food Within Budget
  • South Campus: A Hub For Wonderful Food
  • Old Delhi: Paradise For Street Food
  • Pandara Road: Provides Excellent Meal
  • NSP: Perfect Mix Of Every Food
  • Jama Masjid: For Non-Veg Food Lovers
  • Nizamuddin: Go For Some Tasty Kebabs
  • Dhabas opposite IIFT: Try Hot Parathas
  • Connaught Place: Relish All Kinds Of Delicious Food
  • CR Park: For Those Having A Sweet Tooth
  • Safdarjung Enclave & SDA Market: Try Royal Cuisine
  • New Friends Colony: Best Dinner Place In Delhi
  • Amar Colony: Try This Paradise Of Food
  • Karol Bagh: Pamper Your Inner Foodie
  • Khan Market: Explore The Food Hub
  • Dilli Haat: A Traditional Cultural Hub
  • Majnu Ka Tila: Take A Tour Of Tibetian Food
  • Noora Nihari: Try This Finger-Licking Delicacy
  • Shahjahanabad (Old City): Must-Try The Authentic Snacks And Sweets
  • Ashok And Ashok Meat Dhaba: Relish The Best Of Meat
  • Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala: Must Try This Mouth-Watering Snack
  • Bade Mian Ki Kheer (Old Kheer Shop): Try The Lip-Smacking Dessert

1. North Campus: Try Diverse And Delicious Food

Best Places to Eat in Delhi: If You’re a Foodie, Then This Is Where You Need to Go in 2024!
The Best Places to Eat in Delhi: If You’re a Foodie, Then This Is Where You Need to Go in 2024!


North Campus is one of the places to eat in Delhi and offers a variety of fast food, breakfast shops, street food, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Recall that a lot of students from all over India are stranded in this area, and they do not have much cash. Thus, it is true that the dishes served here are not only diverse but also reasonably priced and excellent!

  • Famous Cuisine: Street Food, Sweets, North Indian, Fast Food, Sweets, and Region-Specific and Multi-Cuisine
  • Best Picks: Momo’s Point, Bille Di Hatti, Chache Di Hatti, Shagun Asian Eatery, Bamboo Hut, and South Indian Cafe.
  • How to reach: Take a battery rickshaw or university feeder from DU metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: Delhi University metro station

2. Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar: Amazing Food Within Budget

One of Delhi’s top eateries and cafes can be found on Hudson Lane, very close to the main North Campus area. Specializing in Italian, café, and fast food, these unique restaurants offer great food at incredibly affordable prices.

  • Famous Cuisines: Fast Food, Cafe, Italian, American, Chinese, and North Indian
  • Best Picks: Woodbox Cafe, Mad Monkey, Indus Flavours, QD’s, Ricos, and BYD (Big Yellow Door).
  • How to reach: Cafes are located at a walkable distance
  • Nearest Metro station: GTB Nagar metro station

3. South Campus: A Hub For Wonderful Food

If you are looking for the best and most affordable food in Delhi to satisfy your tummy, then Satya Niketan, also known as South Campus, is the place to be. Once again, this area is packed with students from all over India and offers hip cafes like QD, Big Yellow Door, and Scooter on the Wall, as well as some great deals. This place serves amazing food, just like Hudson Lane on North Campus!

  • Famous Cuisines: Fast Food & Shakes, Italian, American, Cafe, Chinese, and North Indian Grill
  • Best Picks: Chowringhee Lane, QD’s, Echoes, BYD (Big Yellow Door), Kev’s, and Vadapav Junction
  • How to reach: Take an autorickshaw from the metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus metro station

4. Old Delhi: Paradise For Street Food

Old Delhi is one of the most famous places in Delhi for the best food; it all started there. Yes, this is where it all started—your chaat papdi, dahi bhalla, jalebi, daulat ki chaat, etc. Old Delhi, with its majestic grandeur and historic culinary delights, is a foodie’s paradise, offering street food, authentic Mughlai cuisine, and sweet treats for everyone to enjoy. If you enjoy heavy drinking, this is the right place for you!

  • Famous cuisines: Street Food and Sweets
  • Best Picks: Chainaram, Meghraj & Sons, Haldiram, Tiwari Bros, Old Famous Jalebiwala, Shiv Mishthan Bhandaar, and Ghantewala Halwai, Natraj Bhalle Wala, Khemchand Adesh Kumar’s Daulat Ki Chaat, Lotan Chole Wala, Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala, and Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandaar and Bishan Swaroop for chaat.
  • How to reach: You can take a rickshaw from the metro station; however, due to heavy traffic, its better to walk down.
  • Nearest Metro station: Chandni Chowk or Chawri Bazar metro station

5. Pandara Road: Provides Excellent Meal

Some of Delhi’s top dining establishments can be found on Pandara Road, which is close to India Gate. For those looking for a fine dining experience in a particular area of the city, it offers a sophisticated option. Here are some of the best restaurants in Delhi, which are all North Indian and include Have More, Gulati, and Chicken Inn. For those who enjoy Pan Asian cuisine, Ichiban is the ideal place, while Pindi is the best option for Tandoori cuisine. Veg Gulati is the best choice for vegetarians. You should at least try one of the greatest restaurants in Delhi, which is located on Pandara Road.

  • Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, North Indian Grill, Pan Asian, and Sweets
  • Best Picks: Have More, Gulati, Chicken Inn, Veg Gulati, and Ichiban
  • How to reach: Take an autorickshaw from Khan Market
  • Nearest Metro station: Khan Market metro station

6. NSP: Perfect Mix Of Every Food

There are many great restaurants in Delhi for food lovers. With an ideal mix of upscale dining establishments, fast food joints, and street cuisine, NSP also has some of the best shakes in the area. Fans of chaat and aloo tikki can head to the famous BTW, and students looking for a quick snack can stop at Hashtag Foods and Billu Hut. These are the best restaurants in Delhi to get delicious and crispy chaat. Additionally, fine dining establishments such as Sura Way, Themis Barbecue House, Eleven Course, and Barbecue Nation can be visited. This is one of my favourite places in Delhi for its excellent cuisine.

  • Famous Cuisines: Fast Food & Shakes, Street Food, North Indian Grill, North Indian, and Multi Cuisine.
  • Best Picks: BTW, Billu’s Hut, Sura Ve, Barbeque Nation, and Eleven Course.
  • How to reach: Located at a walkable distance from the metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: NSP metro station

7. Jama Masjid: For Non-Veg Food Lovers

Some of Delhi’s top restaurants can be found in the Jama Masjid area and the street adjacent to Bazaar Matiya Mahal. From kebabs and jalebis to grilled boti and keema samosas, nothing about Jama Masjid cuisine has ever disappointed any culinary lover. If you enjoy non-vegetarian food, then one of the best places to eat in Delhi is Jama Masjid.

  • Famous Cuisines: Street Food, Mughlai, Grill, and Sweets
  • Best Picks: Karim’s, Al Jawahar, Aslam Chicken Corner, Kallan Sweets, Haji Mohd. Hussain Fried Chicken, and Ameer Sweet House
  • How to reach: Walking distance from the metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: Jama Masjid

8. Nizamuddin: Go For Some Tasty Kebabs

One of the original settlements of Delhi, Nizamuddin is famous for its famous Dargah, railway station, and delicious cuisine. There are restaurants in every corner of the region, serving everything from delicious kebabs to sweets and Mughlai specialties. It is definitely a must-see for every foodie. If you are keen to eat something non-vegetarian, then one of the top dining options in Delhi is Nizamuddin.

  • Famous Cuisines: Street Food, Mughlai Cuisines, Tandoori Grill, and Traditional Sweets.
  • Best Picks: Karim’s, Gulfam Kashmiri Wazwan, and Ghalib Kabab Corner
  • How to reach: Get down at IP metro station and take an autorickshaw to Hazrat Nizamuddin
  • Nearest Metro station: IP metro station

9. Dhabas opposite IIFT: Try Hot Parathas

This road, which is in the Qutub Institutional Area and passes opposite IFFT, is home to several excellent dhabas. Lakshman Fast Food, a dhaba that serves paranthas stuffed with butter and mutton, is the most famous of them. You won’t regret spending some time eating Chinese food and sipping tea in this setting, which is surrounded by buildings on one side and trees on the other. Also, visiting here in the winter enhances the experience even more. For those who enjoy parathas, IFFT is one of the best restaurants in Delhi. One of the most famous food spots in South Delhi is IFFT, which you must visit at least once with your friends.

  • Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Tea & Coffee, Chinese, and Fast Food.
  • Best Picks: Laxman Dhaba, Mangal Ji and Gupta Ji Dhaba
  • How to reach: You can either take an autorickshaw or walk down from the metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: IIT metro station

10. Connaught Place: Relish All Kinds Of Delicious Food

Connaught Place doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food, with everything from upscale takeaway restaurants to mouth-watering local rajma chawal. This area of Delhi is known for its famous dhabas and some of the top restaurants in the city, so visitors can enjoy a variety of local, regional, and foreign cuisine. In Delhi, if you want to taste some affordable local food, CP is one of the best places to eat. Some of Delhi’s top dinner spots can be found in CP, although they are a bit expensive.

  • Famous Cuisines: Local cuisine, North Indian, International, Regional, Cafe, and Fast Food
  • Best Picks: Kake Da Hotel, Parikrama, Jain Chawal Wale, Minar, and much more.
  • How to reach: You can easily reach CP via metro or DTC bus
  • Nearest Metro station: Rajiv Chowk metro station

11. CR Park: For Those Having A Sweet Tooth

Chittaranjan Park, sometimes called Mini-Kolkata, is a treat for sweet lovers as well as lovers of Bengali cuisine. When you visit, get ready for an incredible street food experience that includes everything from seafood to rolls to sweets and puchkas. One of the famous restaurants in Delhi for gatherings with family and friends is CR Park.

  • Famous Cuisines: Street food, Bengali, and Bengali Sweets
  • Best Picks: Raju Puchka Wala, Kolkata Hot Kathi Roll, Mad About Momos, Annapurna Sweet House
  • How to reach: Take an auto from GK metro station
  • Nearest Metro station: Greater Kailash

12. Safdarjung Enclave & SDA Market: Try Royal Cuisine

Safdarjung Enclave, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Delhi, is home to some of the top restaurants, including a fully functional DDA market. From the famous Rajinder Da Dhaba to the North Indian cuisine of Spica Aangan in SDA, people of all ages enjoy the food here.

  • Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Tandoori Grill, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, Chinese, Cafe, and Street Food.
  • Best Picks: Rajinder Da Dhaba, Spice Angan, Burger Singh, Theobroma, Keventers, and Scooter On The Wall.
  • How to reach: You can walk down from Hauz Khas metro station to SDA Market, and to reach Safdarjung Enclave, take an autorickshaw from Green Park metro station.
  • Nearest Metro station: Hauz Khas metro station or Green Park metro station

13. New Friends Colony: Best Dinner Place In Delhi

New Friends Colony, one of the top restaurants in Delhi, offers a wide variety of cuisine for all tastes. Everyone who has ever needed delicious food has gone to NFC for everything from delicious shawarma to South Indian dosa to cafes and fast food. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Delhi for dinner, then this is the place you have to go.

  • Famous Cuisines: South Indian, Lebanese, Street Food, North Indian, Kerala Cuisine, Mughlai, Continental, Italian, and Tex Mex.
  • Best Picks: Sab Ki Khatir, Tunday Kababi, Bon Bon Pastry Shop, Pebble Street, Al Bake, Angels In My Kitchen
  • How to reach: You can take a walk from Sukhdev Vihar metro station to New Friends Colony
  • Nearest Metro station: Sukhdev Vihar metro station

14. Amar Colony: Try This Paradise Of Food

Amar Colony, one of the original colonies of Delhi, has managed to retain its charm and its delicious cuisine. Of course, being home to diverse populations from Afghanistan, Africa, and India, the cuisine of this place is also diverse. Most of the shops are located close to each other within the main market. Another utopia for you, food lovers!

  • Famous Cuisines: Northeastern, North Indian, South Indian, Street Food, and Sweets
  • Best Picks: Dolma Aunty Momos, Baba Nagpal Ke Chhole Bhature, Muttu South Indian Anna, Kulfiano, Gopala, and Queen’s Kitchen
  • How to reach: Get down at Lajpat Nagar metro station and take an autorickshaw to Amar Colony.
  • Nearest Metro station: Lajpat Nagar metro station

15. Karol Bagh: Pamper Your Inner Foodie

If you are still searching for some of the most famous food establishments in Delhi, Karol Bagh is one such market that offers a wide variety of cuisines, which only makes sense considering its multicultural nature. You can enjoy your inner foodie to the fullest at Karol Bagh, where there are plenty of options for street cuisine, shakes, fast food, dhaba-style restaurants, and much more.

  • Famous Cuisine: Street Food, North Indian, Punjabi, Cafe, Bakery, South Indian, and Multi-Cuisine
  • Best Picks: Roshan Di Kulfi, Anjalika, Om Corner Chhole Bhature, Art of Spices, Sindhi Corner, Sandoz, and Changezi.
  • How to reach: You can take an autorickshaw to reach Om Sweets.
  • Nearest Metro station: Karol Bagh metro station

16. Khan Market: Explore The Food Hub

Khan Market, one of the top food destinations in Delhi, is a culinary mecca. The market has a great variety of cafes, pubs and street food vendors. In the market streets, you can find anything from juicy kathi rolls to some really good kebabs. Even if you enjoy slightly nicer foods like pork ribs, peri peri chicken and potato wedges, Khan Market has them.

  • Famous cuisines: Kebabs, kathi roll, biryani, and momos
  • Nearest Metro station: Khan Market metro station is the nearest on

17. Dilli Haat: A Traditional Cultural Hub

One of the top food destinations in Delhi, Dilli Haat has everything you could possibly need. If you want to enjoy traditional clothes and amazing food, then this place is perfect for you. The small cultural center serves local cuisine from several Indian states. You can enjoy cheap prices from stalls in Nagaland to stalls in Jharkhand.

  • Famous Cuisines: You must try litti chokha, pork ribs, idli sambhar, dosa, mutton momos, veg momos.
  • Nearest Metro Station: The INA metro station is the nearest one.

18. Majnu Ka Tila: Take A Tour Of Tibetian Food

Some of the most famous street food items of Delhi are momos, stuffed pakodas and steamed pakodas. These street foods are sold by many Nepali vendors that you will encounter. In Delhi, Majnu Ka Tila is a famous area for street cuisine. Laughing, a pancake filled with green onions and soybeans, is a must-try. The Himalayan restaurant serves cooked pork called tingmo, deep-fried pastries called shabli and momos.

  • Famous Cuisines: You must try the tea and coffee of AMA’s café, Tibetan food
  • Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha
  • How To Reach: Take a rickshaw or take a walk

19. Noora Nihari: Try This Finger-Licking Delicacy

Nihari is basically a stew made of ginger and goat or beef which is eaten with yeast flatbread. It is one of the oldest establishments in Delhi, serving soft meat dishes that are slow cooked for about twelve hours. Many young and early risers eat this dish at night.

  • Famous Cuisines: You must try Nihari
  • Nearest Metro Station: Pratap Nagar, Tis Hazari metro station
  • How to Reach: Hire an autorickshaw to reach the place.

20. Shahjahanabad (Old City): Must Try The Authentic Snacks And Sweets

One of the best places to dine in Delhi is the old city of Shahjahanabad, where you can find a wide range of stores and vendors selling sweets and snacks. You can get the best Dahi Bhalla (fried lentil balls dipped in curd and served with chutney) and Aloo Tikki (potato cutlets again served with curd and chutney) at the famous chaat shop Natraj. Enjoy the finest halwa and gulab jamun at Kanwarji Sweet Shop.

  • Famous Cuisines: You must try daulat ki chaat, dahi bhalla, and aloo tikki
  • Best Picks: Natraj, Kanwarji sweet shop
  • Nearest Metro Station: Chawri bazar, Chandni chowk metro station
  • How To Reach: Take a rickshaw to reach the shop

21. Ashok And Ashok Meat Dhaba: Relish The Best Of Meat

Sadar Bazaar is the place to get everything, including apples and steel pipes, not to mention delicious food. The best food in Delhi can be found at Ashok and Ashok Beef Dhaba, where they make beef gravy with only pure desi ghee and cook it for about six hours. Additionally, Makki Roti, served with green chilies and coriander, is available here.

  • Famous Cuisines: Chicken gravy with makka ki roti
  • Nearest Metro Station: Tis Hazari, Pratap Nagar metro station
  • How To Reach: Take a rickshaw to reach the lane

22. Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala: Must Try This Mouth-Watering Snack

For North Indians, breakfast is incomplete without kachori. Kachori, a flaky pastry filled with potatoes or lentils, is deep-fried and served with a variety of chutneys. Famous among the locals for serving Kachori, Jang Bahadur is located near Chandni Chowk. Depending on your hunger level, your stomach may be satisfied with one plate.

  • Famous Cuisines: You can try the snack Kachoris
  • Nearest Metro Station: Chawri bazar, Chandni chowk metro station
  • How To Reach: Walking distance from the metro station

23. Bade Mian Ki Kheer (Old Kheer Shop): Try The Lip-Smacking Dessert

There are not many shops in Delhi that serve the delicious rice halwa heer. Kheer is the specialty of the Siddiqui Family Store in historic Delhi. Local people believe that if young couples eat kheer, love will blossom between them. Everyone who eats the creamy kheer flavored with green cardamom becomes happy.

  • Famous Cuisines: You must try Kheer
  • Nearest Metro Station: Chandni chowk metro station
  • How To Reach: Take a rickshaw to reach the shop
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