Holi 2024

Holi 2024
Holi 2024

Holi, one of the biggest Hindu holidays of the year, is celebrated in March each year. This festival of colors besides commemorating an important mythological event also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The two-day festival, which falls on the Purnima (full moon night) of the month of Phalgun and the following day, will take place on March 25, 2024, as per the Gregorian calendar. Holika Dahan is celebrated the night before and Dhulendi is celebrated the next morning. In India, Holi 2024 is a public holiday. All banks, government buildings and educational institutions will remain closed on this day.

Verify the dates, times, locations to celebrate, history, significance, ceremonies, muhurat, and wishes for Holi in 2024.

Holi 2024 Date and Time Information

  • Holi Dahan: 24 March, Sunday (7:19 PM to 09:38 PM)
  • Holi Dhulendi: 25 March, Monday
  • Purnima Tithi Muhurat starts at 9:55 AM on the 24th.
  • Purnima Tithi Muhurat ends at: 12:30 PM on March 25

Holi Festival: History and Significance

Holi 2024
Holi 2024

The Puranas claim that the history of Holi predates both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Satyayuga, one of the four ages of Hindu mythology, was the home of the powerful demon Hiranyakashipu. The fact that his son, Prahlad, was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu greatly angered the demon king. He tried to kill his son in many ways, but none worked. One method involved having his sister Holika sit next to Prahlad in the fire because she had a magical cloak that protected her from the flames.

But when they were sitting in the fire, Lord Vishnu intervened, due to which Holika got burnt and Prahlad was saved. The next morning the villagers celebrate their victory over the demon. For this reason Holi is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

According to another version, Lord Krishna had feelings for Radha but he feared that she would not accept him because he was black and she was fair. Following the advice of his mother Yashoda, he applied colored powder on Radha’s face and thus began their romance.

Holi Festival Celebrations across India

The night before the festival of colors, fires are lit in huge piles of wood, symbolizing Holika Dahan, and people sing Holi songs around the fire. After that, during Holi Pichkari in the morning, people of all ages shower water balloons, colorful powder and colored water on each other. People celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm as they roam around their colony in groups, known locally as Toli. Sweet items like the famous Gujhiya are made in almost every Hindu household. Another traditional preparation for Holi is adding bhang to a drink called thandai. Big farmhouses, five-star hotels and resorts in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai host the festival.

Holi takes a somewhat strange form in Uttarakhand, especially in the Kumaon region, where people start gathering at each other’s homes several months in advance and sing songs accompanied by tabla and harmonium.

Goa is where the Holi festival Shigmotsav is celebrated, so come here for an even more unique experience. Konkani Hindus in the villages celebrate it by wearing brightly colored clothes and flags, dancing, and having a good time in the courtyards of temples. Similar to Lent, it also refers to a period of abstinence from meat and alcohol. Colorful floats are paraded at the conclusion of the nine-day festival.

However, the largest and most famous Holi celebrations are held in the Braj region, which includes Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan. During Barsana’s famous Lathmar Holi, women chase men with sticks, symbolizing an incident between Krishna and his gopis. The festival of Holi, celebrated by widows who have renounced their faith and has come to represent recent women’s emancipation, is another notable occasion.

Best Places to Observe the Celebrations of Holi

भारत में सबसे बड़े त्योहारों में से एक होली है, जिसे कभी-कभी “रंगों का त्योहार” भी कहा जाता है। होली उत्सव देखने के लिए भारत में मथुरा, बरसाना और वृन्दावन सबसे अच्छे स्थान हैं। यह देखना दिलचस्प है कि प्रत्येक स्थान अपनी परंपराओं के अनुसार होली उत्सव को कितने अलग ढंग से मनाता है। आपकी रुचि के आधार पर, बरसाना में लट्ठमार होली मनाई जाती है, जबकि वृन्दावन में राधा कृष्ण की होली मनाने के लिए फूलों का उपयोग किया जाता है।

Holi 2024 Wishes

Here are some famous happy Holi wishes 2024:

Spread the message of positivity with the beautiful colors of Holi. Happy Holi to you and your family.
I hope you have lots of happiness this Holi. Happy Holi to you and your family. I am wishing you a happy Holi.
May the colors of happiness spread in your life on this joyous day of Holi. Happy Holi to you in 2024.
Holi is a day to show your loved ones how much you care for them and express your love through colors. Wishing you and your family a beautiful and joyful Holi.

Other Festivals in India with Holiday Type

Other Festivals in India with Holiday Type

Festivals in IndiaDayDateHoliday Type
NEW YEAR’S DAYMon01-JanRestricted Holiday
LOHRISat13-JanRestricted Holiday
MAKAR SANKRANTISun14-JanRestricted Holiday
PONGALMon15-JanRestricted Holiday
GURU GOBIND SINGH JAYANTIWed17-JanRestricted Holiday
REPUBLIC DAYFri26-JanGazetted Holiday
LOSARSat10-FebRestricted Holiday
BASANT PANCHMIWed14-FebRestricted Holiday
GURU RAVIDAS JAYANTISat24-FebGazetted Holiday
MAHASHIVRATRIFri8-MarGazetted Holiday
HOLIMon25-MarGazetted Holiday
GOOD FRIDAYFri29-MarGazetted Holiday
EASTER DAYSun31-MarRestricted Holiday
Gudi PadwaTue9-AprRestricted Holiday
EID-UL-FITRWed10-AprGazetted Holiday
VAISAKHI Sat13-AprRestricted Holiday
RAMA NAVMIWed17-AprGazetted Holiday
MAHAVIR JAYANTISun21-AprGazetted Holiday
RABINDRA JAYANTIWed8-MayRestricted Holiday
BUDDHA PURNIMAThu23-MayGazetted Holiday
ID-UL-ZUHA (BAKRID)Mon17-JunRestricted Holiday
RATH YATRASun7-JulGazetted Holiday
MUHARRAM (ASHURA)Wed17-JulGazetted Holiday
INDEPENDENCE DAYThu15-AugGazetted Holiday
PARSI NEW YEAR’S DAY (NAURAZ)Thu15-AugPublic Holiday
RAKSHA BANDHAN (RAKHI)Mon19-AugRestricted Holiday
JANMASHTAMIMon26-AugRestricted Holiday
GANESH CHATURTHISat7-SepRestricted Holiday
ONAMSun15-SepRestricted Holiday
MILAD-UN-NABI OR ID-E0-MILADMon16-SepGazetted Holiday
GANDHI JAYANTIWed02-OctGazetted Holiday
DUSSEHRASat12-OctGazetted Holiday
VALMIKI JAYANTIThu17-OctRestricted Holiday
KARVA CHAUTHSun20-OctGazetted Holiday
DHANTERASTue29-OctRestricted Holiday
DIWALIThu31-OctGazetted Holiday
KALI PUJAThu31-OctGazetted Holiday
LAKSHMI PUJAThu31-OctGazetted Holiday
HALLOWEEN DAYThu31-OctNo Holiday
KERALA PIRAVIFri1-NovGazetted Holiday
GOVARDHAN PUJASat2-NovGazetted Holiday
BHAI DOOJSun3-NovGazetted Holiday
CHHAT PUJAThu7-NovGazetted Holiday
GURU NANAK JAYANTIFri15-NovGazetted Holiday
CHRISTMASWed25-DecPublic Holiday
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